Internationally known for museum quality fossils and expert old world craftsmanship, Green River Stone produces one-of-a-kind wall murals, tables, countertops and tiles for our customers. We are an American company dedicated to the creation of timeless works of art and design using fossil-rich limestone. The stone is harvested from our private quarry in southwestern Wyoming, then transported to our fossil preparation labs in Logan Utah where each product is built by hand.

All murals are supplied ready to hang, and are shipped in custom built shipping crates along with a Certificate of Authenticity. Rectangular murals are framed in Wenge, a beautiful imported hardwood with the same natural coloration as the fossils. Our irregular, natural shaped murals are backed with wood, which has been beveled away from the stone to achieve a “floating” effect when hung on the wall.

The Green River Stone quarry is located in the high desert of southwestern Wyoming. Fifty million years ago the quarry site was a tropical freshwater lake teeming with fish, plants, and other animals. Over many millennia, the lakebed petrified into layer upon layer of fossil rich stone.

Each summer a crew from Green River Stone Company travels to the quarry to collect its prehistoric treasures. To reach the fossil-rich stone they must first remove many tons of loose rock and shale with heavy equipment. As the crew gets closer to the fossil bearing layers, the stone is harvested with only hammers, chisels, and strong muscles

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